Monday, October 28, 2013

A New Age, A New Humanity

In 2012, the people of this world entered into a new age.  Today, hundreds of millions have smartphones, Facebook, Gmail accounts, and other forms of communication.

Why is it then, that most of us lack the ability to communicate clearly and respectfully? Is it just the way we are? Is it the way we are raised by our parents? Or, does the real problem come from the powers that be?

Some, of us, need to take a step back and examine our influences.  Is what you learned in life simply what others assured you was truth? Or, did you learn from isolated local experiences that have have become the foundation of your social and world-view beliefs?

Maybe your a Christain, dedicated to the moral integrity of your God. Maybe your an Atheist, and believe that God is a children's story meant to control you into social slavery.  Regardless of your faith, or political affiliations, we all share something very common.  A desire for freedom, and a desire of independant thinking and living.

If we all share this common trait, why do multiple sides not come to a mutual understanding?  Now given, we are a selfish species. From the moment we are born, to the day we die, we are always making demands of others. But history is also recorded with tales of great sacrifice and great selflessness.

It's time for this to change, we all must change.  Not our beliefs, not our social ideals, and not our personalities, but the way we communicate and enact those very attributes.

Q: As a Republican do you feel its the right of Democrats to tell you how to live?

Q: As a Democrat, do you feel its the right of Republicans to dictate how to live your life?

A: I can guarantee that every last person who answered this question said, "No."

So why do we keep doing this?!

Society cannot be dictated through law, it cannot succeed through prejudice.  We cannot continue to believe we can control everyone's lives, while not takin responsibility for our own. If your a Republican and are Pro-Life, more power to you.  If your a Democrat and are Pro-Choice, again, more power to you. Both sides have legitimate arguments: Continuity of the Species, Women's Health, Criminal Misconduct, Self-Responsibility.  All of these are legitimate arguments.  So who is right?

What if I told you both are right? Would you cuss at me? Ridicule me? What if I told you, both groups have the right to their views and lifestyle?

No one, or group of, person/s has the right to dictate life of another. No one. 

It is time we all are reminded of the purpose of Liberty. What it means to you, and what it means for the world. There is something we are all lacking, and that is the respect of individual Liberty.

Here is a video about the philosophy of Liberty. Check it out.  Lets have a discussion and debate.  Let us come together on common grounds of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.